Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing in Knowledge (3)

Topic: Resources For A Great Classroom Day! is devoted primarily to New York City and New York State history, though it also contains an extensive exploration of American history in general.

Its main features are the New York State and New York City Directories that offer more than 1900 transcribed articles of historical interest and thousands of web links, organized under topics such as Arts, Biographical Sketches, Architecture, Business Matters, Immigration, Education, Women and Historical Tid-Bits . Though its reach is large, focuses a particularly long lens on the early history of political and economic events, panics, riots and other related matters affecting or contributing to New York City's development and growth. Extensive research of public records, newspapers, books and web links comprise the site's primary and secondary sources. The website is continually updated with new articles and web links, which can be found in the What's New section.

One of the newest addition to is "Resources For A Great Classroom Day" has selected websites that are of substantial educational value and scope , many of them maintained by recognized institutions. Such universities or governmental bodies help guarantee the quality of the information maintained on their websites.Exceptional independent websites that have proven their accuracy and sustained a high quality for their primary and secondary sources are also included. is a source of trustworthy information for literary scholars, writers, historical societies and academic institutions.
Academic Websites where has been added to:
3. Professional children's School Library Media Center (scroll to history of NYC 19th,20th Century)
4. New York Public Library (scroll down to NYC directories: Education History
5. History Matters (put Miriam Medina in search box)
8. New York State Library (scroll down to New York Genealogy)
9. Bryan Waterman (NYU's Department of English) (the History Box listed as a New York City Cultural History Resource.

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