Saturday, April 10, 2010

Table of Contents (13 ) Borinqueña"

I) "El Rincón Borinqueña"

A. Mi Patria

1. Puerto Rico National Anthem and Introduction
2. Preciosa sung by Marc Anthony

B. Puerto Rican Humor

1. Cell Phone Conversation: A Lo Puerto Rican Style
2. Saying It in Spanglish: The Puerto Rican Way

C. Latin Dancing and Puerto Rican Singers

1. La Bachata

2. El Rincon Borinquena y Su Musica Latina (1)

D. "El Barrio" de East Harlem, New York

1. Repasando Los Años Cincuenta en Spanish Harlem, New York (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

E. " Professor Manuel Hernandez: Essay Collection

1. To be or not to be Puerto Rican

F. Miscellaneous

1. Island Disasters (News)

G. Puerto Rican Cuisine (How to Make You-Tubes)

1. Spicing It Up In Spanish Harlem (1)

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