Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cruisin' the 50s (1)

Cruisin' Through the 50s

The purpose of Cruisin' through the 50s is to help you gain a broader understanding and appreciation for the culture and history of the fabulous fifties. However, since it is almost impossible to list everything, I have selected only a few of special interest, to reflect on.

The 1950s were the most influential years in American history, where many changes were brought about in the American society. World War II was over. Improvement in the American economy, expansion of higher education, suburbanization and government assistance to veterans were conditions in the post-World War II years. These conditions provided favorable circumstances for economic advancements. Americans began buying goods that were not available during the war, which resulted in corporate expansion and employment opportunities. During the 1950s, many Americans began climbing the economic ladder , which resulted in their enjoying a more elevated standard of living because of higher paying jobs. Television also became the dominant mass media as consumers continued to bring it into their homes. Newly manufactured automobiles rumbling past single and two-story luxurious homes, with green lawns, two-car garages, and parking for up to four cars in their private driveway , reflected a great new era of expansion and affluence.

The production of thousands of suburban houses for the urban working-class families who aspired a better existence for themselves, was also intensified. These suburban homes reflected the new domesticity of post-war prosperity. Not only was it a boom period of plenteousness, it was also a decade that began rock and roll, where young actors like James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sal Mineo, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis became big time favorites and role models among the youth. The 1950s were extraordinary times for the teen-age fashion revolution.

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