Friday, January 8, 2010

The Italian Niche: Mangia, Mangia

Hmmmmm.......delizioso. It's the traditional Sunday family get-together and the inviting aromas of freshly made pasta and homemade meatballs and sausages are greeting you from Nonna's kitchen as you park the car. . You can smell it all the way down the street. Its enough to raise the dead. Geez...I hope there's enough Italian bread and pastries to go around! Did anybody remember to bring the bottle of wine? Hey Joey, where's the wine? Madonna mia, Whaddayanutz! Ya didn't bring it? FUGHEDDABOUDID! Nonna sez, go back to Lawnguylund, cuz ya ain't cumin in......

The Nonna, (an italian grandmother) She's a very special person in the lives of her family and boy can she cook. What hands of gold. There's never anything left on the plate, especially after its been wiped clean with the crusty bread.

Italian grandmothers have always devoted their lives to feeding their husbands and children. Everything they cooked was made from scratch, and it didn't matter to them if it took hours or days to prepare and make. They loved every minute of it. Just by sight and taste they could tell when the spices were just right, how dough looked when it was ready for the ravioli's, pasta and the lasagna, creating a variety of delicious Italian dishes that have been made over the decades, enjoyed with a nice bottle of wine. When the (Nonnas) are gone, these important recipes which most have been in their families for generations will vanish, unless their children or grandchildren make a great effort to learn from them.

I have prepared this section for Mangia, Mangia, with a couple of you-tubes to show how it is done. So take notes and enjoy........

Grandma Rosa's Italian Kitchen: How to Make Homemade Raviolis

Grandma Rosa"s Italian Kitchen: Penne Pasta, Lamb, Meatballs & Gravy Pt 1

Grandma Rosa's Italian Kitchen: Part 2 of Meatball gravy


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