Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Followed My Dream: Reflections of a Late Bloomer (Intro)

Hold To That Dream

"Hold to that dream
Don't ever let it go...
For it is your strength and courage
When travelling down life's road.

Patience is a virtue,
But hope is far better.
So hold onto that dream
Hold fast to that dream
No matter how old."

Miriam Medina

It is truly a worthwhile experience, that I don't think you would want to pass up. So get yourself a hot cup of coffee and a comfortable chair and you will be all set to meet "MIMI".

Setting Goals and making them work......

Miriam Medina also known as "Mimi", writes a brief memoir on how her long awaited childhood desire of singing, acting and dancing, which had laid dormant throughout the years in her sub-consciousness, finally surfaced into reality as an accomplished songwriter/performer in her one-woman show: "Love 'n Things.

Miriam Medina who is Mimi , is a woman with a Positive Mental Attitude who strongly believes that "Almost no goal is impossible of attainment if you can accept it as being within the realms of possibility" (Jack E. Addington. ) You will read how she turned to her advantage a negative situation that started at the beginning of her career, into a positive outcome. She feels that the same way she fulfilled her dream despite all odds, anyone else can do it too. Mimi ends her memoir with words of encouragement on how to go about setting goals and achieving them.From her own personal experience, she states that " In order for you to achieve whatever you set out to do, you must believe in whatever you wish to achieve, accept its possibility and confidently expect it to be realized. "
MEMOIR of Miriam Medina's years as Songwriter/Performer, Website Administrator and Blogger.
Chapter I
1. Laying the Foundation
2. Approaching the Middle-Age Bracket
3. Following the Long Winding Road
4. Halfway There
5. Performance "Mimi Bloopers"
6. Words of Wisdom
7. Getting Back On Track
8. A Wrench in the Works
Chapter II
Website Administrator/Blogger
Chapter III
If You Set Goals, Then Make Them Work


Well, I loved this! I bet others will too. I would say I'm eager for the conclusion, but there won't really be one to Mimi's story. Congratulations.

Laura Claridge
Author of Norman Rockwell, a Life [Random House]; and "Emily Post: Daughter of the Gilded Age, Mistress of American Manners.

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