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The Italian Niche-Musica Italiana (1)

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Hello, and Welcome to the "Italian Niche "which is a new addition to my blog for the benefit of Italians as well as Italian Americans. My objective is to stimulate interest in the Italian Arts, Culture, Traditions and much more. There will be articles in both languages, music and other interesting topics that will be published from time to time. So I suggest that you find a comfortable chair and serve yourself a steaming cup of espresso coffee or a glass of good wine to sip and enjoy, especially when listening to the music.

Italians are an "Artistic" people. With their skills, crafts, occupations, cuisine, folk dance ensembles, family singing, música paesana, Operatic Tenors, sopranos, popular music and much more have contributed a wide variety of their gifted arts and entertainment to this country as well as the world.

I would like to quote this exerpt from Antonio Mangano's article written in 1904: "The Associated Life of the Italians in New York City" regarding the Italian Community in New York City.

"In matters of amusement and recreation, the Italian finds boundless pleasure in comparatively simple things. Gathered about a table sipping coffee or wine, listening to some music, a stroll up and down the street, a game of cards in a saloon or in some friend's house—these are the chief amusements of the masses. It is music, however, which appeals most strongly to the Italian character. He is not carried away with our slam-bang- band music, nor do you hear him whistling and humming the so-called popular ' songs of the day." "it is the opera which lifts him to the third heaven. The favorite operas of Verdi, Puccini and Mascagni, always draw large Italian audiences at the Metropolitan, especially so if the leading artists are Italians, and often such is the case. With the love of music is joined a sentiment of patriotism." (Antonio Mangano)

Il napoletano: Enrico Caruso "The Golden Voice of the Century"

Sicillian Music-Vitti na crozza-Roberto Alagna

Adagio Italiano Lara Fabian (She was born to a Flemish father and a Sicilian mother and after she was born in Etterbeek her family moved in Catania, Italy so she spent her first five years of her life there and learned as her first language italian.)


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