Monday, January 25, 2010

East Harlem Reunion

Hi Gang....Got an urgent message from Bobby Maida, that there is a big event coming up on April 23, at Villa Barone in the Bronx. Guess who's going to perform that night: "The Bronx Wanderers." Wow! Since East Harlem was my old neighborhood, known then during my younger years as "Italian Harlem" , anything going on there today gets top priority on my blog. So read the poster and start putting aside the bucks, cause by the looks of it there will be alot of Mangia, Mangia and of course the open bar to drown it down. Salute.......

East Harlem Family and Friends

The Annual East Harlem reunion will be on Friday evening...April 23rd at Villa Barone in the Bronx..

Food is great along with good music and a ballroom full of East Harlemites. What more can you want?

Photos of last years reunion can be seen at: Bobby Maida's website.

Tickets are $90 per person which includes all night open bar and more appetizers entrees and desserts (pastry, cake, ice cream ,etc) you can possibly eat.

(347) 723-2660

Bob Maida (914) 787 0692
Promotions Manager/Webmaster
Giglio Society of East Harlem

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