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So Mr. President, What Did You Do During Your Term in Office? (16)

Topic: The Roosevelt Administration: Year 1933 #4

August 1, 1933
The Blue Eagle, the sign that a company has agreed to abide by the NRA's codes of business and wages, appears in windows of all types of establishments.

August 5, 1933
President Roosevelt sets up the National Labor Board (NLB) headed by Senator Robert F. Wagner to enforce the collective-bargaining provisions of the National Labor Relations Act.

August 17, 1933
Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins announces that employment has reached the level of Oct. 1931 and payrolls are running $29,000,000 a week higher than in March. Over 1,000,000 workers have found jobs during the past four months.

August 23, 1933
The Government's plan to take 6,000,000 hogs off the market goes into effect in Chicago as the first 30,000 are slaughtered. The animals are to be made into fertilizer or possible for sausage for distribution to those on relief. By purchasing only younger hogs (under 100 pounds) and those about to bear, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration hopes the effort will have a long-term upward effect on prices.

November 8, 1933
The Civil Works Administration (CWA) is set up to create jobs for 4,000,000 workers. Most of the jobs are to be for relatively unskilled workers, who will be paid only the minimum wage.

November 16, 1933
The United States and the Soviet Union establish full diplomatic relations.

December 24, 1933
Under a decree issued by President Roosevelt, civil rights are restored to 1,500 men who served jail sentences for their opposition to the World War.

To be Continued: The Roosevelt Administration: Year 1934 #1

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