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ArtistSignal is a free social music platform allowing listeners to vote for a Top Artist each month. They give the Top Artist $10,000 to jump start their career. This allows listeners to propel talented artists to the top of their platform and gives artists an entirely new avenue to grow their fan base.


How It Works
Registration: You need not sign up to the site, instead, they sync you to your Facebook account (or Twitter, among others). This is very quick and easy, it takes just one click of a mouse button (providing you have an account on a social media site of course, which most of us do).

How often can you vote? You can vote for as many artists as you like once every hour. At the end of each month, $10,000 is given to the artist holding first place, then voting is reset again for the next month. You can "earn" extra votes by sharing the page on social media.

Voters rewards: Many artists offer "rewards" for hitting a number of votes cast for them, which can range anything from 1 vote to 600 votes. If you vote 10 times for Rebecca Newman, for example, you can download a free track (she currently offers 20 rewards). If you vote for Micheal Castaldo 504 times, you can go on holiday to Italy among other prizes for lower numbers of votes.
Earning cash rewards for the artist: Getting an artist in first place at the end of the month earns them $10,000, thank you very much. They can only win this once. However, there is also $5,000 shared out among all other participants - how much they earn of this $5,000 depends on the share percentage of their votes. There is no limit to the amount of times that an artist can keep earning shares from the $5K pot. Lastly, you can also offer "tips" to the artist, which is basically donating money to them for their career.

How Voting Works
You can either approach ArtistSignal with simplicity, or you can be more involved.
The simple approach: You can vote once every hour for as many artists as you like. The end.
The complex approach: How much time do you have? There are tactics involved on Artist Signal, and it's called Vote Trading. So far, it doesn't seem possible to win the $10,000 with fan base votes alone. To win, an artist and their fans need to play the game of vote trading. This basically means that you vote for other non-threatening artists on the site and you leave a comment on their page to say you have voted for them on your artists behalf, the idea being that they then return the favour. This takes a lot of concentration and analysing to pull off. Who is non-threatening? Who genuinely returns the votes? Artist Signal is transparent with who is voting for who. Your general voting records can be accessed by anybody and vice versa. These records need to be analysed to make sure that the votes really are taking place. It's recommended that the artist themselves or a designated fan should do all the analysing, and direct their fans accordingly.

Who Should You Vote For?
Generally speaking, we strongly encourage you to support the genre and not just individuals, therefore, vote for everybody on the list above. It's actually by using this tactic that all of our artists are doing so well! However, we don't always have time for that, and naturally, we have our favourites, but when you can vote for everyone, please do.

What about when our artists are head to head?
Although we are approaching this as a unit, it's important to realise that all of the artists are individuals, and could all use this money a great deal, whether it be to pay for a decent website, a good producer, studio time, professional photo shoots or a marketing campaign. When it comes to two artists fighting for the top spot we will naturally become less unified and vote for our favourite. During this period, we beg that we keep the competition between the two fan bases as friendly as possible. We don't want jealousy, frustration or fisticuffs. Remember, if one artist loses out, they can always try again the next month. There's no use in losing friendships and allies here.

Micheal is in a competition for this month of March. We are trying to get as many votes to keep him in first place. You have heard him sing, you have seen his interviews and have read his bio. Please click the above link at Artist Signal and vote to help him win.

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