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A Review of Michéal Castaldo's "Bergamot"

Michéal Castaldo
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
By Lucian

If you are a fan of Southern Italian music and language then you’ve probably already heard of Michéal Castaldo. Fusing the music of his native Calabria with other traditional Mediterranean and modern styles, Michéal sings in his ancestral tongue with passion and purpose. His pride reminds us that his regional heritage reaches back for centuries, predating Italy as we now know it, and his new release, Bergamot, Like a Breath of Fresh Air, transcends American expectations of Italian music.(MORE)




Micheal Castaldo's album, "Olive You"

 By Stephanie Trottier

 Well, let us just say that Micheal Castaldo has left my heart full of song and my soul craving more from his album Olive You: Classic Italian Songs to Feed the Heart & Soul. The way I consume this music is just down right gluttony.

Castaldo’s unmistakable voice is starting to gain popularity with a number of people. The single off the album is called “Pray’r.” There is no need to wonder why this song gained the number one spot on’s MP3 chart dedicated to classical songs, among other number one spots that it gained on the site. The single is sung in beautiful Italian during the verses and is driven further by a wonderfully romantic chorus sung in English.

The artistic quality produced by Castaldo is comparable to that of Andrea Bocelli, arguably one of the best modern classical singers.

The album contains both songs sung in English and Italian. Most of the songs have been remixed or remastered and hand-picked by Castaldo to be put on the album. There are only five songs exclusive to this album and they are incredibly astonishing. Castaldo’s voice has the ability to soar over notes with a depth that rivals Andrea Bocelli’s.

I have not heard something quite as beautiful as Castaldo’s voice in quite some time. He has a distinct, almost tear-provoking voice. The ability for any mortal being to sing this well is astounding, which begs the question, is he even of this earth? His voice must be godsent.
 There would be nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day night while Micheal Castaldo’s voice caresses the moment and sets the ambiance, making this year’s Valentine’s Day one of the most romantic in your lifetime.

The album is available for pre-order on The video below is the video for Castaldo performing “Notte Di Luce” which is remastered on his album Olive You.

Micheal Castaldo's Album "ACETO"



Editorial Reviews

Classic Bitter-Suite Soulful Italian songs for treasured moments. Evoking feelings of Grace, Healing, Remembrance and Hope. the first single from this CD will become a hit for the ages. Of all the songs in the world, a treasured few are destined to become classics. Andrea Bocelli had "Con Te Partiro" as his breakthrough song. Josh Groban had "You Raise Me Up" and now micheal CASTALDO's breakthough song will be "lo Credo". A classic song. So Original. So Personal. A Signature song for all the milestone moments of your life. Crooner/compose/connoisseur michael CASTALDO (produced Jose Feliciano & Martha Walsh) is releasing his third album of classic Soulful Italian songs, Aceto. Portion of the proceeds, to benefit La Dolce Vita Foundation. CASTALDO is already highly supported by the Italian-American-Canadian Radio Programs and Media.

 Customer Reviews.

1. Angelic voice and music of Maestro Castaldo truly touch your heart and soul.
2.  Michael Castaldo's CD Aceto is one of the best Cd I have heard in some time.

Another album by Micheal Castaldo is "Extravergine."  All Albums can be purchased at

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