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Michéal Castaldo could be as big as Andrea Bocelli if he only had the exposure. How does one gush enough? An incredibly warm and smooth voice to rival anyone in the genre, every single one of Castaldo's albums is a must-have though I recommend starting with Aceto. He hits the balance exactly right with well known standards, his own compositions and contemporary songs that he translates into Italian himself (including Lion King's 'He Lives In You', 'The Sound of Silence', 'Stand By Me' and even 'Amazing Grace'). On top of it all, Castaldo is also a producer and mixer (he has a remix EP dedicated to 'Over the Rainbow'). Fans of the more emotive performers such as Mario Frangoulis and Alfie Boe will appreciate Castaldo all the more.

Background: michéal CASTALDO is the living embodiment of authentic Italian culture for modern North Americans.. A native of Calabria in the " tip of the toe" of Italy, Michéal is an accomplished pop – classical crossover Singer of his native songs and a purveyor of his family-made, heirloom Italian luxury products in North America.

As a young child when his parents emigrated from Calabria to Canada in the 1960s, Michéal was exposed at an early age to both American rock & roll and Italian pop music as well as the various Italian languages.

At nine years old, young Michéal_a member of his Catholic Church's Choir_was chosen by a priest to sing a solo. After the mass, parishioners came up to the young man and praised his voice. At that moment, the music bug bit Michéal and a singing career was born. michéal CASTALDO.

He began studying guitar, piano, trumpet and songwriting. He studied voice with the renowned maestro Pisapia, a protégé of the great Italian operatic tenor, Enrico Caruso, and songwriting with the legendary Doc Pomus.

After an education at the Berklee College of music in Boston, Michéal moved to New York City to pursue a professional music career. He developed his skills as a songwriter- at first writing in English- and producer  working with, among others, singer-guitarist Jose Feliciano, trumpeter Chris Botto, jazz saxophonist Teo Macero and dancer Martha Wash. For more on who is Michéal Castaldo? please visit:

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