Saturday, February 9, 2013

Season’s Wisdom-by Michael Walsh

Season’s Wisdom
(The Cycle of Life)

A smile exchanged, a lifetime shared.

The Winter and Summer, of lifetime’s face,
Together at once, same time, same place.
A child so innocent, yet uncorrupted.
An elder’s experience, all but erupted.

Summer knows Winter’s fragile plight,
Is gentle in touch, and wonder alight.
Winter’s blood flows, through Summer’s veins.
And spirits are melded by DNA chains.

Winter has gone, now passed away,
But Summer for now, is here to stay.
Winter passed on, and now can be found,
As Summer again, in his new life abound.

Child’s wonderment at her surrounds,
Brings a smile to those all around,
And helps them remember the time in their life
When they too were Summer, and knew not of strife.

Summer will fade into Autumn one day,
And her colours will fall towards Winter and stay,
On the floor of the world, issue wisdom to all,
Then head she for Winter, at the end of the Fall.

Winter’s spirit passed on through life’s love
Lives in Summer by hand in life’s glove.
Wore Summer he did, upon his old knee,
And then to his grave, Summer’s smiles aglee.

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