Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Poem b y Michael Walsh

Man you say? Strong and smart;
Do all he can, to finish from start.
 Build what he will, and knock asunder;
 Possess the power of dark skies thunder.

 Clever he be; his talents ashine,
 Knock down forests, of mountain's pine
 Level hills from high, now down
 With arrogance at the gentle, frown.

Passed along, from father to son,
 Man can always get it done.
 Laugh we do, in Natures face;
 And but believe, in our own grace.

 Learned we've not, fom Babylon;
 Nor from Noahs flood anon.
 Pompeii laughed, Vesuvius roared;
 From depths death down, upon them poured.
Earth but be, Nature's Womb;
 And she be every being's tomb.
 God there thus, did plant his seed;
 Did we really think that we'd be freed:

From Him and His Wife, Nature indeed?

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