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Y. Brusciano, Italy: News/Events : Dr. Antonio Castaldo
Sociologist and Journalist, Head of Press Office in Brusciano, Italy

Translation into English from the Italian Press News by Miriam Medina

"Feast of the Giglio in Brusciano, Italy in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua." August 25, 2009 (1) (Images: 2)

Press Release #7 "Work has begun in the restructuring of the municipal sports field and construction of the roundabout in Via De Ruggiero." 9/25/09

Press Release #8 "By Brusciano on pilgrimage to Medjugorje with the Parish Community S. Maria delle Grazie, led by parish priest Fr Michael Lombardi." 9/29/09

Press Release #10 "From our land a young artist has participated with success in the festival of pictoral arts "Muralespanso 2009" at Diamante in Calabria." 9/30/09

Press Release #11 "Brusciano pays homage to the archaeological site of Starza Regina to Somma Vesuviana." 10/2/09

Press Release #14 "In Brusciano Sister Maria Crocifissa of the Institute "Vittime Espiatirici S.M.C. Brando" celebrates 102 years. Greetings from the mayor and the municipal administration. 10/7/09

Press Release #16 "Mayor Angelo Antonio Romano visiting the historical school "Dante Alighieri" 10/12/09

Press Release #19 "Mayor Angelo Antonio Romano has sent his best wishes to Bishop Beniamino Depalma for 10 years a bishop to the Diocese of Nola." 10/20/09

Press Release #20 "At Brusciano in the Council Hall on Sunday October 25 a day of study on Environmental Safety" promoted by the AEOP Campania." 10/23/09

Press Release: # 23 " Delivered work on redeveloping and securing the viability of the access ramps to highway 162. Local authorities, administrators and technicians attending the ceremony ended it with an auspicious toast, pastries and fireworks provided by an exultant and excited Alderman Mimmo Esposito." 10/29/09

Press Release: #24 "Great Participation in the Conference on "Racket and Usury" promoted by the Association "Citta Invisibile" with the Sponsorship of the Presidency of the City Council of Brusciano." 11/2/09

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