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Brusciano , Italy Italian Feast August 2009: In English (1)

"Feast of the Giglio in Brusciano, Italy in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua."

August 25, 2009

It is a festivity to Brusciano. Obelisks and carts are moving in the wake of the ancient traditions of Campania Felix. Great event in honor of Sant' Antonio di Padova.
It is a festivity to Brusciano. Festivity of the Gigli 134th edition since 1875. All ready for departure: Obelisks and floats, banners and flags, civil and religious authorities, police and Civil Defense people and church, fishing boats and committees, musicians and singers, poets and storytellers, young and old, resident historians and visitors, immigrants and tourists. On Wednesday, August 26th at 20,00 it opens with the solemn Eucharistic celebration presided by the Apostolic Nuncio, S. Archbishop Luigi Travaglino with the three pastors of Brusciano concelebrants Don Michael Lombardi, Don Giovanni Lo Sapio and Don Baldo Lombardi in the beautiful, large, cosmopolitan and inclusive Piazza XI Settembre. Following the Procession of the Saint.

The Mayor, Dr. Angelo Roman Antonio, has asserted that “this festivity is the pride of Brusciano and we do everything to preserve it and improve it each year." I thank all the associations of the Gigli, clubs and committees, the Church and law enforcement for maximum collaboration and ensured availability. The President of the festival, Nicola Di Maio said that "the strong blessing of St. Anthony of Padua, May 31st, this edition will be dedicated to the brotherhood without compromising a healthy competitive spirit. We all want to respect and carry forward the heritage of the Feast of Gigli that binds us together, in mutual esteem, the other realities of Campania Felix..

Thursday August 27, will parade committees of Gigli of Sant' Antonio, Passo Veloce and Gioventù. The three special features for this year regarding these associations are: for Sant' Antonio dedicated to promoting the culture of organ donation in conjunction with the Association "to donate the Life" of Pisa; for the rediscovery of the Passo Veloce religious figure, servant of God, Nina Lanza; for the Gioventù, in its 25th anniversary in the development of calendrical 12 months with as many floats and theatrical and musical scenes with hundreds of extras, actors, singers and dancers.

Friday, August 28th will parade committees of the Gigli 'O Parulano, with ""Fantasia and' Parulano; Croce will present the "Superheroes" and the Ortolano whose team work and theatrical plays are entirely in the hands of the designer Pasquale Terracciano.

Attending Brusciano; from Padua, Padre Enzo Buzzard, Rector of the Pontifical Basilica of the Holy Father Danilo Salezze, director of the Messenger of Sant' Antonio.

The Ballad of the Gigli, Croce, Gioventù, Ortolano, Parulano, Passo Veloce and Sant' Antonio is for Sunday on August 30. Monday, after the award of the best students of primary schools, by the Assessor P.I. Prof. Francesco D'Amore, the second review "Brusciano Dance" and as the artistic director Antonio Castaldo says is "dedicated to the memory of the choreographer's creative Pina Bausch Dance Theater who recently passed away. Associations and dance schools participating in this project are: Agora Dance; Bora Bora; Evento Latino; Etoile; New Ormi Dance; Passione Danza; Social Dance. On Tuesday, September 1, there will be a final concert and fireworks.

Translation by Miriam Medina into English

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