Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Italian Niche-Wonders of Ancient Italy (1)

Teatro greco di Siracusa. [Ruins of the Greek theatre, Syracuse, Sicily.] (1869)

Teatro greco di Siracusa. Digital ID: 1624172. New York Public Library

House of the Vetii, Pompei. [[House of the Vettii, Pompeii.]]

House of the Vetii, Pompei. Digital ID: 1621126. New York Public Library

Foro civile, Pompei. [[Civil Forum, Pompeii.]]

Foro civile, Pompei. Digital ID: 1621127. New York Public Library

Roman Theater at Verona, Italy

[Roman theater at Verona, Ital... Digital ID: 1624179. New York Public Library

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