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Brusciano, Italy News/Events (19) : Part 2

"Mayor Angelo Antonio Romano has sent his best wishes to Bishop Beniamino Depalma for 10 years a bishop to the Diocese of Nola."

The Bishop of Nola S. Ecc. Archbishop Beniamino Depalma has made October 16 last year a decade of leading the Episcopate Diocese of Nola. Giovinazzo was born in May 15, 1941 he was ordained a priest April 3, 1965; January 26, 1991 was elected to the Archbishopric of Amalfi -Cava de 'Tirreni and December 7, 1990 he was ordained bishop. He was transferred to the Diocese of Nola July 15, 1999. The chair that once belonged to Pauline had preceded him, from 1990 to 1999, Monsignor Umberto Tramma.

The Mayor of Brusciano, Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, has sent to Mons. Depalma his greetings and best wishes from the Administration and the City Council and that of the whole Bruscianesi community. Here is the text of the letter: His Excellency The Most Reverend Mons. Beniamino Depalma, It is with great pleasure and emotional participation, personally and on behalf of the Administration, City council and the entire community of Brusciano, I extend a salutation and transmit a filial embrace in the occasion of past celebrations for the decade of your episcopate. To His Excellency, Our Shepherd, offer the same gifts with us, the municipal employees, workers in the projects LSU, professionals and employees of this Local Public Administration and the Secretary General, Dr. Marco Caputo. All of us remember, with affection and a renewed commitment to Cristiani, his pastoral visit to Brusciano, what after touching the three parishes, Santa Maria delle Grazie, San Sebastian, Martyr and Saint John the Baptist, it was concluded at our Town Hall, in the House Board on December 20, 2008. We assumed then the "Passing of the Spirit," We, men and women engaged in the responsible role of public administrators, political representatives to serve the nation and its cities, members of the various team party, democratically assigned to the roles of majority and opposition, the commitment to combine the fulfillment of the Common Good and general interest. And what we are doing strengthened the teachings of the Gospel and its constant efforts of the shepherd in conveying the saving announcement. As a community that in its ancient traditions held the Feast of the Gigli, we also want to confirm that to Brusciano, we are committed together with the local Church, in a path of strengthening the values and meaning of faith and we welcome the invitation contained in your consideration: "The Feast of the Gigli is a great opportunity that should be valued at the most, especially in aspects of solidarity and culture". Reaches, then, to you, our gratitude for all you have done in these last ten years of Episcopacy, for the entire Diocese and for Brusciano. Your excellency, I greet you with a goodbye to Brusciano, next December 4th, for the transfer ceremony, in the Church S. Sebastiano Martire della Serva di Dio Nina Lanza.

Province of Naples
Press Office : Press Release October 20, 2009

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