Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Harlem Renaissance and the Flowering of Creativity

Between 1915-1920, hundreds of thousands of African-Americans began to migrate at a fast pace from the "economically depressed rural South to the industrial cities of the North to take advantage of urban economic opportunities in steel mills, auto factories and packing houses. Thousands would also fan out to the black ghettos of New York City, seeking work in the bars and cabarets. During the decade, many positive changes were beginning to occur within Harlem's African-American community. Black intellectuals began to show a new intense enthusiasm for their African heritage. A rising popular interest in African-American literature sparked the beginning of the Harlem Renaissance which was one of this nation's greatest outpouring of music, literature, art and racial pride.

                                                                The Harlem Renaissance

                                                  Harlem Renaissance: Music of the 1920's

                                             Harlem Renaissance Visual Art Presentation

AP US History - The Harlem Renaissance Educational Video Project

                                              Tina Turner

                                                      Diana Ross-Mahogany

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