Friday, January 2, 2009

"How To Remain Hopeful In The Midst of the Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression" (5)

4. Start Building Your Self-Confidence
Although you may have taken a big loss in business deals, which has plunged your family into a severe economic hardship, you must not forget that you still have the creativity and ingenuity with which you originally started out with and can start over again in something else using this same creativity and ingenuity which will result in a much more successful and prosperous accomplishment.Hidden deep within ourselves is an incredible and inexhaustible source of creative ideas, just waiting for us to make use of them. Musicians, authors, scientists, inventors, designers, artists, etc. over the centuries have successfully learned the secret of tapping into the hidden talents that are within them, and developing them to its fullest. It is so amazing how many creative ideas that are born out of extreme necessity. The same inventive spirit found in the American people during the prosperous years, can also be demonstrated during the worst.

5. This is not the Time to Procrastinate
Decision making can at times, be mentally exhausting. People who are indecisive as the saying goes "grow grass under their feet." They are called procrastinators which is the opposite of being a decisive person. Because of their insecurities, they are in constant turmoil. It takes them forever to make a decision as to their choice, holding out constantly, looking for even better possibilities, which may never come. In the meantime, they are letting wonderful opportunities slip by. Indecision creates an unsettled condition in your mind and body. As long as you are an indecisive person, you are helpless and won't be able to move in any direction with complete assurance, unless you are guaranteed that the step you will take in making changes is safe and secure. If and when you do decide don't allow yourself to be harassed with anxiety on whether or not it was the right choice. Work with whatever you have and move forward, taking advantage of the opportunities that surround you and let the results speak for themselves.” Where there is a will, there is a way."

6. Finally, Don’t be discouraged!
No one is immune to discouragement. Remember temporary defeat is not failure. Sometimes failure to attain the results you are expecting may lead unexpectedly to another of a more rewardingly experience. Allowing the discouragement to dominate your thoughts will hold you back from progress, preventing that creative power from working through you. In giving your attention to the positive; you will be amazed at how the influential people that are needed, the right opportunities and favorable situations will present themselves in order to bring your desire to a successful completion.

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