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Cook's Recipes: A Backward Glance (5)

Topic: Bread Sauce, Eggless Cookies, Scones (1897, 1901, 1907)

Bread Sauce

Place a saucepan with one pint of milk over the fire: add four tablespoonfuls grated bread crumbs (only the white part of the bread should be grated): add one onion, twelve whole pepper corns, one-quarter teaspoonful salt; cook ten minutes: take out the onion, add one large tablespoonful butter in small pieces: cook a few minutes; add last three tablespoonfuls cream: strain through a sieve and serve with boiled chicken.

If the expense is not minded, mix the yolks of two eggs with half cupful cream and add it just before serving to the sauce. Care must be taken not to let the sauce boil after the yolks have been added. (1)

Eggless Cookies

Take two-thirds of a cup of melted butter (not oily), one and one-half cups of sour (not too thick) cream, two cups of sugar, a pinch of soda, and enough flour to roll out easily. Stir the butter and cream together, then add the sugar and beat well. Add the soda to the flour and mix into a smooth dough, roll out, cut and bake in a quick oven. Keep all the materials as cold as possible while mixing, rolling and cutting, and the cakes will require less flour and be very much nicer and crisper. (2)


Sift two even teaspoonfuls of baking powder twice, with two cups of flour, chop into the flour four tablespoonfuls of butter, adding a little milk to bind the flour. Roll into a sheet three-quarters of an inch thick; cut into squares with a sharp knife: bake it a quick oven, taking them out as soon as they are evenly colored to a light brown. (3)

Apricot Tart

Line a pie plate with a good puff paste. Drain the juice from enough canned apricots to fill your pie, and lay twisted strips of puff paste across the top in diamond shapes. Bake in a hot oven. Serve very cold. (3)

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