Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When You Love A Child……Get Involved (5)

Speaking to children about drugs should start early because "the opportunity for parents to impact their teens' thinking about illegal drugs diminishes as the teen gets older."

Even if you have done an outstanding job of educating and nurturing the child in your care, some children will still remain curious about alcohol,tobacco, and illegal drugs. This is why it is important for you to prepare yourself in as much background information as you can on the names of drugs used and the street names by which they are called, so that you can explain the consequences associated with them.

Not only should you have open communication with your child, but you need to get involved in their activities, praising her accomplishments. You will be amazed at how much this quality time of special activities, whether it is reading a book, playing a game of your child's choice or going on an outing, is essential to building a strong parent-child relationship. When a child feels the love and support of a parent through the many phases of his childhood, where they can express themselves without fear of rejection or recrimination, this becomes the foundation for their not turning to substance abuse as a way of dealing with stress..

It is important when in making rules, that you explain the need for them as well as being consistent in its enforcement, not forgetting to mention about what the consequences will be, if the rules are broken, whether it be behavior at home, chores, schoolwork and so on and so forth.

Leniency or harshness in establishing rules may not always give positive results. Parents who have a warm relationship with their children, while maintaining rules for behavior, can teach children self-discipline.

Finally, monitor your child's relationships, especially the friends that he spends time with, and the places where they hang out in after school hours. Monitor her Internet usage, text messaging, and social networking sites. Monitoring does take a parent's energy, time, and attention,but the outcomes are well worth the effort!

To Be Continued: When You Love A Child (6)

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