Sunday, December 2, 2007

"I Go To America, Reaching For the American Dream"

As the mass of immigrants approached the statue in the New York Harbor, smiles spread across their wretched lifeless faces and they raised their voices in unison "America." "America!" For the newcomers the American Dream was finally at hand. Suddenly the atmosphere aboard the vessel became electrified. The immigrants -whatever their nationality or religion-- embraced each other, hugging and kissing as they danced with joy. Gone were the saddened faces, heavy hearts and feelings of regret.Tears flowed in abundance, while many fell to their knees kissing the floor of the vessel. Throughout the entire deck, hands raised to the heavens could be seen, as prayers of gratitude were uttered in various tongues, for their safe arrival. For the first time, in that single miraculous moment, the mass of immigrants became of one mind, soul and spirit. Whatever awaited them, it had to be better than what they had left behind.

"I Go To America, Reaching For the American Dream" is my narration. I am the author of this four part essay . I describe how a mass of emigrants from various origins left their places of birth in pursuit of the "American Dream", which symbolized for them democracy, equality, liberty, justice and most of all, material well-being. A detailed description of their lives, struggles and despair, offers the reader a personal glimpse of immigrant living during the 1800s into the early 1900s. My narrative covers a lot: the severe hardships of Europe's inhabitants, the era of industrial and economic growth in America, the need and search for workers in Europe, exploitation of the vulnerability of the masses, starvation and diseases ending in death for some of the immigrants in their journey to America, the protest of the Americans to restrict the influx of immigration, discriminatory lawmaking and restrictions on Immigrants by the U.S. government, the horrendous conditions of tenement living amid the crime, filth and disease, the immigrant's final triumph overcoming obstacles of discrimination, illiteracy and poverty giving place to a new image of productive and successful citizens: All are part of "I Go To America, Reaching For the American Dream," located in the Immigration section under the New York City Main Directory,

"I Go To America, Reaching For the American Dream" is based on several years of extensive research from public records, books, newspapers and web links. (Click here to read the article.)

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