Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Giving Of Oneself Goes A Long Way (3)

There are many non-profit organizations that are in desperate need for help and don't have the money to hire someone. They would be elated to get a call from you offering your services. The understaffed nursing homes have a great need for individuals who can donate their time to holding the hand of a forgotten soul, whether they are aware of your presence or not. Many of the ladies would love someone to give them the beauty treatment. If you are a musician or a singer you can contribute your musical talents to entertaining those that live in nursing homes. I myself found this to be a rewarding experience, during my younger years. It is amazing to watch how these performers are able to stimulate memories and movement of lifeless bodies into vocal and physical expression. Though the efforts of one person may seem minute, it will have an important impact on someone.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -- Aesop

Volunteering requires a lot of hard work, time, energy and in some cases, money. Your efforts to a worthy cause, will help that particular organization to economize money that would otherwise be spent on labor. Volunteer work is necessary to our American economy.

The people who give of themselves are of all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, religions, and financial levels.They are all making a difference in their communities as well as in their own lives. Volunteers are happy people. They are accomplishing extraordinary things. Once you get started, you will be surprised at how much creative talent there is within you. Although volunteers are not receiving remuneration for their services, the work that they accomplish is worth more to them than any money they could ever receive.

So you say: "Okay, okay I get the picture. So then where are the benefits of being a volunteer?"

Here are a few reasons which I have provided:

1. Your social life will improve, because you will make new friends.

2. Volunteering builds up self-worth and self-confidence.

3. You gain work experience which looks good on your resume. Employers will get a glimpse of your values as well as appreciate that you are well-rounded and active in your community..

4. You can develop and experience greater skills which may be helpful to you in getting a better paying job.

5. It also is great for relieving anxiety, and stress, by keeping you in a positive frame of mind.

6.Finally believe it or not, you can have fun.

To be continued:

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humpty 1 said...

I absolutely agree with this posting- volunteering in nursing homes is a rich and rewarding experience. I work for a website called which is a ratings and reviews website for nursing homes ( currently in the uk but looking to expand overseas) Without a shadow of a doubt, homes that engage in a volunteer progamme have happier, more fulfilled residents. The ability to engage residents is a constant challenge for nursing homes, but a vital one in order to make life as fulfilling as possible.