Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Quarrel-A Poem

By Miriam Medina

We've all had relationships that didn't work out with people who hurt us more than they helped us. You know the type of person, arrogant, selfish, always putting you down to make themselves feel better. Who needs that in their life? Sometimes, it's just better to move on from such a relationship, because it will do some damage to you over time. Sadly, not every relationship is healthy. This poem is for all of you who have been trapped or who are trapped in a relationship that just isn't any good for you.

You dare to call me a fool?
Is this what you think I am?
It's your opinion, not mine
I don't really give a damn.

I am, who I am, I've never wanted to be someone else, but me
So why shouldn't I become what I've always desired to be?
You say I lack confidence, I'll never amount to much,
You talk as if you know, but then how could you,
When you're blinded to the reality of such?

I can't believe you find pleasure in putting me down
Your painful words pierce my heart, make my head spin round and round.
Senseless and demeaning, that's what your words are
Can't you see, you're killing our friendship, because you've gone too far.

Are you so filled with envy and rage, that you easily snap?
Words cannot be erased, I don't need your verbal slaps.
Quarrels, quarrels, we never seem to agree,
All the things you once despised, you've now become, can't you see?
Why would you take your problems out on me.

Sometimes you'll insist you're right, then I'll have to prove you wrong.
Why must we always end up in a nasty fight, sick of the same old song.
Control is your driving force, and it's suffocating me.
I, and only I, am responsible for my own destiny.

Your need to compete against me when everyone's around,
Don't you realize how foolish you look, much like a silly clown.
Supercilious, yes, that's what you are, the author of your scorn,
You spend your day bragging, tooting your own cheap horn.
Now, it's sad to say but true, our friendship I must mourn.

With all that noise you make, what have you achieved so far?
Stop trumpeting your importance, when I know who you really are.
How dare you look down on me, with your smug, moralistic airs,
When you never seem interested, or even, honestly, to care.

The big difference between us is, I'm a doer, not a talker like you.
I believe in my dreams, and you know what, I'll work to make them come true.
So don't be too quick to judge, until the facts are all clear in your head.
Quit berating me and talking yourself up, just so that your ego is fed.
Stop putting me down, and take the time to look at yourself instead.

I'm no fool! It's you that's the fool, and you don't even know why.
If we continue the way we're going, our arguments will intensify,
I'm not your mistakes, and I can't live up to your expectations
I'm not your disappointments, and I'm tired of giving you explanations.

Now, its sad to say, hope you understand, but it has come to this,
There's just no further need, for this friendship to exist.
I'm ending it now, for the good of us both, so I can put my mind at ease,
Because having a so-called friend like you, who needs enemies?
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