Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Human Connection, Part II A Positive Outlook on Life (1)

By Miriam B. Medina

In this article, part two of a two-part series, we will discuss the opportunities that the New Year presents us, and, now that we've identified and figured out how to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions, we will discuss ways to improve our lives substantially, and allowing us to connect to and have better relationships with other people in our lives. But first, if we are to be able to love others, we must accept our own value and love ourselves. It doesn't matter what we may have accomplished in life, many "successful" people are miserable, and it doesn't matter what others think of us, we should above all love ourselves unconditionally. Therefore, everything that happens to us or is a result of our own emotions, actions and thoughts is of considerable importance when it comes to playing a role in the growth and development of any human connection. Simply put, we are entirely responsible for whatever we think, say and do. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable. And by ignoring this fact, that we are master of our choices and actions, we can make ourselves become incapable of love and incapable of making those who we connect with happy.

Start by expressing thoughts of gratitude toward another person's efforts. When you praise someone else, you are raising the confidence of that person as you are only noticing the quality that exists in them.

So remember men, compliment your wife for the way she dresses and the effort she puts forth to maintain her home and children. Wives, remember to praise your husbands for the hard work that they do. Also, don't forget to tell him how grateful you are for the way he has provided for you and the children. Employers don't forget to praise your employees for their hard work and the dedication they give to the company, or for going that extra mile beyond the scope of their employment. Most of all, praise our country instead of denigrating it. Praise our leaders who are doing their best to make this a safer world for its inhabitants and a better place to live for you.

Some people are hesitant to compliment others when they feel a sense of insecurity about themselves. They feel as though bringing another's accomplishments to light will magnify their own failure to produce similar accomplishments. Hidden deep within us is an incredible and inexhaustible source of innovative ideas. They are simply waiting for us to make use of them. Start erasing all self-limitations and stop making excuses. You may have imposed these limitations upon yourself over time, but now it's time to move on to successful accomplishments. One does not need to impersonate another person's success in order to feel fulfilled or accomplished in life. We all have the knowledge and expertise that we can rely on, to produce the same successes and even more. So stop bemoaning the past and being afraid of the future, and start thinking positively now. Uncover those hidden talents that lie within you and develop them to their potential for your benefit, become a person who has definiteness of purpose and clearness of direction.

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