Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't Forget To Hug Your Pet

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    Hi everyone....Meet my dear friend, Professor Dingleberry....He is one of my two dogs. His real name is buddy...he is 11 years old, and loves slobbering all over my face. Yuk! the only problem with this is that he has a terrible bad breath that could knock your socks off. Whew.......you got that right! I guess you would also say that Buddy has a high IQ, since he understands the difference between handing you his right paw and his left paw and sometimes both paws knocking you over, especially when he wants something to eat.. He has excellent hearing when it comes to somebody opening up a bag of potato chips a mile away. Every morning after he goes outside to do his business, he rushes in and waits for his two cookies dipped in coffee. He is the only dog that I know with sleep apnea. Professor Dingleberry is a very gentle dog and has a P.H.D. in flea management. Sadly to say, arthritis is already starting to affect his hips. There are times when I feel so bad for him because of the pain when he moves Then there is the small poodle T.J.(I sometimes call him slippery louie, cause he is so fast) he is the insecure one, nasty as hell and an instigator. . While Buddy is low keyed and easy going, T.J. is the hyper one. He's eight years old. Though T.J. Loves Buddy, he also intimidates him. He is the bully and sometimes he'll attack Buddy whenever there is food nearby. They are also inseparable. I call them my pair of bookends. T.J. sleeps on one side of the sofa, while Buddy sleeps on the other side. When one starts scratching, the other one follows. Overall Buddy and T.J. both bring sunshine to my life....they are both so comical and a great comfort at all times. If I tell T.J. he is going to get a bath, the little shrimp starts howling up a storm, while Buddy does the Saint Vitus dance. For all of us who have pets, whether they be dogs, cats, or any other, they are very important to our lives. They give us an inward feeling of joy and pleasure. If you observe them, pets are truly funny and they are always doing funny things that make their owners laugh a lot.
    Pets are also good for our mental as well as physical health. It is medically said "that people who are “chronically angry and hostile have a greater likelihood for heart attack, people who “live in anxious, stressed out lifestyles have greater blockages of their coronary arteries”, and people who are “chronically depressed have a two times greater chance of heart disease.” "Since pets make their owners laugh a lot, a good laugh loosens muscles, lowers blood pressure, and may lower levels of hormones that create stress and weaken immunity. When you laugh, your body moves blood to your heart and lungs, boosting your energy level and making you feel better instantly.
    This is why people with pets often overcome disease faster than others. ... so start laughing ..... laugh alot......and most of all, besides hugging your kids, don't forget to hug your pet today....


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    Anthony said...

    That dog is my dog and he is the master of stinky breath and I love him so much i could squeeze him to death.
    I can make him talk but my dad can't.As you can see professor Dingleberry is very smart but he dosen't look like a millionaire with his glasses.My grandpa keeps on feeding him and he is 11 thats older then me.He is like a vacuum he will eat anything on the ground even a crumb.He is very talented at soccer.He will grab the ball and just run with it.He sleeps so much that we think he is dead.