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Topic: New York City Information #1

1860 New York is the largest city, with 1,174,779 residents, with 20 percent of them Irish-born immigrants.

1869 A.T. Stewart, owner of New York's largest department store, starts a planned middle-income community in Garden City, Long Island

1869 New York City's first apartment house, the Rutherford-Stuyvesant on East 18th Street, is built.

1870 The first U.S. elevated railroad opens in New York City; a section for demonstration purposes had opened two years earlier.

1877 In New York City, the Museum of Natural History opens at the edge of Central Park.

1880 New York City lights a strip of Broadway_14th to 26th Streets__with arc lamps.

1880 On the Lower East Side of New York, housing conditions are among the worst in the world.

1882 Parts of New York City are lit by electricity; soon Manhattan will be entirely supplied with electric power. An 1884 law requires that wire be placed underground, a job not completed .

1883 The Brooklyn Bridge opens. Designed by J.A. Roebling, who dies before it is completed, the span links Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is completed by his son, W.A.Roebling.

1886 The Statue of Liberty, a gift to the United States from France, is dedicated in New York Harbor.

1888 The first electric trolley starts running in the city of Richmond, Virginia. The system covers more than 12 miles. Electric trolleys will be operating in 200 other American cities by around 1889.

1889 The world's first electric elevators are installed in a New York office building by Otis Brothers. (31)

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