Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making Choices: Turmoil or Tranquility? (3)

The constant complaining of negative conditions which we bring upon ourselves through wrong choices, eventually more of these unhappy conditions will continue. These individuals who make wrong choices, find themselves railing at life, because they live by them. They lack self-direction and are like a boat without a paddle, going nowhere.. Indecisive people are generally easily influenced by the opinion of others. By living your life according to the opinions of others, will not allow you to express your own desires and successfully accomplish whatever you want to achieve. The world loves a decisive person. Those who make decisions promptly and definitely know what they want, usually get it.

I am a person who loves challenges and learning new things. Every time I decide to get into something that I feel is worthwhile and important to me, I have always been faced with opposition, to discourage me from my intent, whether it is from members of my family, friends or acquaintances. My greatest field of opposition was against my previous career, which I will relate to at a later date. As the creator and the website administrator of, I have had to deal with negative attitudes who were not pleased with what I was doing. Not allowing their opinions to deter me from my intent, I decided to also start a Blog as an informal way of the public getting to know me, and having the freedom of writing and sharing my thoughts which would benefit my readers. The first thing that a family member said was, "Why are you doing a blog?" Don't you have enough on your plate with running a website? Between work, researching and setting up, you want to write also?" Aren't you taking on too much at your age?" No! These were my choices, and I have no regrets, because at the time when I made my choice, I knew it was the right choice. If and when I do decide to stop being a website administrator or a blogger, again it will be "my choice" and not due to anyone else's influence. If I had allowed myself to be swayed by the opinion of others, you my dear reader today would not have been able to know me on an informal level and I wouldn't be here discussing the subject matter of "Making Choices: Turmoil or Tranquility? So when one is determined to accomplish their goals, one will always find a way of balancing health and personal issues, as well as responsibilities.

To be continued: Making Choices: Turmoil or Tranquility? (4)

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