Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ice Cold Sweaty Beer On A Hot Summer's Day

by Miriam B. Medina (Copyright)

He was a blonde, muscular, tall construction worker in his mid-thirties,

Who had acquired muscle mass with relative ease.

Not accustomed to working in such extreme heat,

Thirst consumed him from the inside out.

Repressed anger turned his face scarlet; he wanted so badly to shout.

His tongue clung to the roof of his mouth; His chest gulped air,

He needed something cold, anything that might ease his despair.

"AH, beer is what I need," he said, "not water, that's for sure."

Beer is so unique, with its frothy foam and undeniable allure.

"Indeed, BEER is for the bold!

It slides down smoothly, especially when it is cold.

My shirt clings to me in this scorching heat,

I wish these trees would offer shade so I could crawl beneath.

It keeps growing hotter and hotter; my body screams for deliverance,

This terrible blur of a blazing sun is leaving me with such a bad experience."

To his boss he said: "I'm taking my lunch break now.

Whether you approve or disallow.

When I get back the job will be done,

I assure you I'll end what I have begun."

Off of his co-workers he mooched some bucks here and there,

Promising to bring back something to ease their same despair.

He drove around and stumbled onto a topless bar named 'Titties'.

He had been there before with one of his co-workers called Smithy.

It was the only place that was near,

And he was desperate for a cold beer.

He loved the bar; it was his kind of place,

Just the word 'Titties' put a smile on his face.

He stepped from the blazing sun into the smoke-filled darkness

Rubbing his eyes, he saw the place was still sleazy-looking and airless

He ignored the dank dark air and headed straight to the bar,

The light reflecting a path from the door that he'd left ajar.

He remembered the young women rubbing their scantily clad bodies

All over aroused men, trying to pry away lecherous dollar bills...

"I'll be damned," he said smiling to himself,

"I'm amazed at their great marketable skills."

His eyes were riveted on the new go-go dancer before him,

He found it hard to suppress his feelings, so he made his face seem grim.

She was seductively bumping and grinding, stripping to near nudity

Every inch of her body was under laser focused scrutiny.

They kept feeding dollar bills fingering them slowly inside her G-string,

A faceless guy yelled "Ooooh Wheeeee you're hotter than chili; I want you to be my wild thing!"

She opened her legs wide, scissoring them around the pole,

He heard someone else shout, "Let's share some fun times honey, let's let them roll!!"

He watched how her firm breasts would heave and bounce,

Dancing to hip-hop remixes, moving her body where it counts.

He wanted desperately to explore and savor her beautiful tits

To feel her passion burn beneath his fingertips.

He watched her intently, blood rushing into his cheeks,

He was perspiring profusely, feeling dizzy and weak.

His erection reached its climax, trying to escape his jeans.

He was suddenly awakened from his sensuous dream.

'Ahhh... ' He liked that one and wished he could give her a ride,

To consume her, inhale her, use her up and cast her aside,

But after all, he wasn't here for such fleshy fun;

Thirsty, he had wanted desperately to get out of that scorching sun

He was holding on tightly, clinging to his borrowed money,

Though he really wanted to spend it on this sweet honey.

"Hey bartender," he shouted, "Give me a cold draft beer.

With this blazing weather I'm parched and I feel kind of weird!

If you don't believe me step outside and feel the sun's rays bake,

At 99 degrees where I worked all day, making my back sorely ache.

Now I'm tired of sitting here and singing this same worthless song,

Just saddle me up a beer and make sure it's cold and strong!"

"I only have a short lunch hour with no time to waste!

I need a cold beer right now to pacify my taste.

I'm sitting here fuming with a couple of dollars to pay,

So until you serve me that frosty brew, I'm not going away!"

He sighed and he moaned, staring at the barkeep

As he waited for the bartender to serve him his beer

An annoying drunk plopped down next to him

With a hard-luck story, he didn't want to hear.

He said "F$#@" off man; I'm not here to drink to your health

or give you three cheers,

Nor am I your therapist, paid hourly to hear your woes

And watch your cheeks get flooded by bittersweet tears.

Don't ask me for money, 'cause I'm clutching on to my last penny,

Hoping the bartender doesn't remember that I still owe him myself

The go-go dancer was a big star at 'Titties', she loved the spotlight

It was where she sang Karaoke each and every night

Whenever she wasn't squirming half nude for stiff dollar bills,

She would hustle up drinks for a tip,

Some guys would schmooze her; others would give her the slip.

The construction worker's time was up; he had to get back to work

The bartender ignored his request though he needed to amend

What flaws between them still may lurk.

"Hey, bartender, I have cash. I need two six-packs and a couple of beers!"

To which the bartender finally replied,

"I've been waiting a long time, lucky me, we happen to coincide... "

"We sell the coldest beer around, just not to all.

You see my man; many patrons visit this place,

But one thing's for sure, I never forget a face.

Sorry, mate; with me, you don't have good credit,

In fact you still owe me a hundred from before!

So if you want a beer here, you might as well forget it.

Before I give you even one drop more, you best

Pay up right now or get thrown out the door."

Immediately four bouncers showed up in response to a signal,

Judging by the bouncer's physiques they weren't there to mingle.

So, empty-handed, he quickly turned and said:

"Let me out of here before the sidewalk becomes my bed!"

I need to walk out of here with dignity, to walk, not crawl.

As he passed dour nameless beer-drinkers, he cursed them all

He quickly jumped into his truck, spinning tires chewing up tar,

Putting as much distance as he could between him and "Titties" topless bar.

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