Monday, June 29, 2015

The Magic of Being Resilient

 by Miriam B. Medina.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from a crisis or a trauma. resilient people rely on their inner strength to keep them moving forward. They are like trees bending in the strong winds, but they always bounce back. In plain words they are optimistic people despite their struggles in life.

Negative people are habitual complainers. Wherever they go, the atmosphere completely changes. They're easily spotted with their drooped shoulders, their shuffled walk, their expressionless faces, their averted eyes and their sagging chins. They spend their days hunched over, forever carrying baggage from all sorts of little upsets, imparting negative vibrations to everyone they meet. Because they're always so immersed in their current difficulties and never-ending problems, people do their best to avoid those of a negative energy. Their constant complaining aggravates everyone within listening range. These individuals have no sense of direction in life, and no matter where they are, they are always unhappy. So they find themselves raging against fate, though it is their own choices and actions that create their unhappy environment. It's true, you reap what you sow.

Negative minded people forever bemoan their pasts, whining about the present and remaining ever fearful of the future. As a result of this negative attitude, their outlook on life is so limited that they can't visualize the opportunities and the wondrous possibilities that may come their way. They prefer to wallow in their dismal rut and to whine.Negative minded people have poor coping skills. This is why they are vulnerable to stress. The slightest problem crushes their self-esteem, killing confidence in their ability to cope with issues. As a result, they begin to cultivate the "woe is me" victim's mentality.

Please lend me your ear for a few moments so I can show you how to clear out the negative mental debris in order to replace it with a more appropriate, more effective mental attitude? For example, you can learn how to convert all of your setbacks, turning them into opportunities, reinforcing your values and living your life in the most positive way that you can. So let's start by developing a positive approach to life and move forward from there.

The opposite of a negative minded person is a resilient person who possesses a PMA and who are are easily spotted.They stand tall with their shoulders thrust back and their chest expanded. They have a brisk walk with an air of self-confidence. Optimistic people are wonderful role models. They know how to manage their emotions, how to deal effectively with stress, anger and fear. Positive minded individuals find a high-stress life exciting and challenging, because they have the resilience to bounce back from stress.They are more flexible in coping with different circumstances. They are motivated to take a positive view of the situation to see how they can either improve or correct their problems. They not only look for the good in every situation and find opportunities inside every problem, they build harmonious relationships with loved ones and coworkers. One outstanding characteristic of a person with a Positive Mental Attitude is that they do not fear failure because they never expect to fail. They never give up until they see their dreams and goals come to fruition. They are not hindered by self-imposed limitations. Their mind transcends limitations and their consciousness expands in every direction. These individuals have learned the secret of uncovering the hidden talents that exist within them. The optimistic person understands his or her true purpose in life. This is why their choices become much clearer and why they experience less chaos and confusion. They trust their choices, weighing all the pros and cons related to them, considering the consequences and deciding which action will result in a better return for them. Then they take the plunge by moving forward with a burning desire to win or perish with their decision.

The person that possesses a Positive Mental Attitude finds a way in which he or she will best serve the world. How different is this person from the negative person? The consequences of where both of these individuals are and what they have is based on the choices and decisions that they have made. The resulting consequences and the views of these consequences differ because of the different attitudes these two types of people possess. To the person with a PMA, every victory is glorious, and every setback is an opportunity. To the negative person, every victory is a burden laden with another shoe waiting to drop, and every loss is devastating.

Get out of that dismal rut you are in. Live in the most positive way that you can and most of all feel good about your life at last. Miriam Medina is a strong woman with a Positive Mental Attitude who has overcome her bitter past to lead a better, more peaceful life.

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