Monday, January 28, 2013

Tips On How to Hide Your Mess In A Hurry When Unexpected Company Is Coming To Visit You.


1. Other than putting the dirty dishes in a dish washer,  you can hide them in the cold Oven or microwave which is quite roomy.

2.You can pick up the clothes off the floor and toss them into the washing Machine and Dryer or shove them in garbage bags and hide in a closet ..

3.You can hide stuff under the bed, providing you have a dust ruffle

4. You can always throw everything into a room and lock it.

5. Use disposable dishes and plastic cups.

6. Do a fast vacuuming around the furniture, don't even bother going under it, just to make it presentable.

7. Spray the house with an air freshner or open your windows..

8. When you wipe the stove and the counters, don't worry about the crumbs, just toss them on the floor. The vacuum will take care of it.

9. In the bathroom, don't worry about the tub, just pull open the shower curtain. For the toilet bowl, just throw in some hand soap and swish around with the brush. Make sure  you wipe the seat, and sink. Remove the dirty towels and have a roll of paper towels handy. Move the clutter from the counter into a shoe box and store underneath the sink.

10. If the bathroom smells, light a candle, open the window or drown it in air-freshner.

11. If you have piles of magazines on the floor, toss them in a laundry basket, and drape in a decorative way an afghan over it.

12. You can use your large suit cases to hide some of the mess, and say you are going to Disney World the following week with the family if it's summertime..

13. If the beds are unmade don't bother smoothing out the sheets, just spread the comforter so they think it's  a water bed.

14.And most important dim the lights, which hides a multitude of sins. Whew! Now wasn't that easy?


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