Monday, March 26, 2012

Addicted To Facebook

By Miriam B. Medina

It seems that this Facebook thing has gotten a little crazy for the past few years. I think it's more than just a fad I think it's here to stay. There's been a popular move made about its conception and creation called “The Social Network” and now the company is even going public which has led, to enormous scrutiny for the organization as the angst builds up on Wall Street and by the government. In fact, Facebook has agreed to the cheapest IPO fees of all time, for any company going public in the history of Wall Street. That means that big time banks are willing to take less money than ever to represent the company. Moreover, perform due diligence on it so that stock can be issued and legally traded.

The fact is, big banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs don't like to lose money, so they see and understand the enormous popularity of it, even if there are questions as to how to value the company. That's why Facebook has been making so many changes lately, like their unpopular timeline decision and their new rules, because the company is going public. This means that they need to stabilize their platform and how they operate, because anyone will be able to invest in, and lose or gain money from Facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerberg recognizes this and made it apparent in his recent SEC filing when he made his plans to go public a reality. There will be changes to the Facebook that we know and love.

In preparation for the IPO, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, embedded a“letter to the shareholders” within the SEC filing that stated:“Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected…” While Facebook may not have been created to be a company. It is now a company. A big company. And it’s soon to be a company that will answer to Wall Street.

Well, I must say that I don't care about the valuation of fake profiles and advertising rates and the like, but I, like millions upon millions of others, have become a true Facebookaholic. Facebook, for me and many others, has become a second home, my home away from home. I find every opportunity and reason possible, while working on my computer, to visit it. I constantly check my notifications. Who likes what I posted? Who is sending me a message now, who is apping me, poking me, is ticked off at me, un-friending me or giving me lip? However, that doesn't mean I simply love everything in the world about Facebook. I think I'd like you to make some changes too, while you're at it, Mr. Zuckerberg, and I bet many other Facebookaholics would agree with me. I'd also like to see some changes by people who use Facebook.
Here is a list of my suggested changes:

1. The like button overworked – You don't have to say you like the picture of my kid in a bunny suit or of my dog taking a leak if you don't know me or never met them. I don't want to feel forced to say I like the picture of you dressed up like Lady Gaga with your hairy chest sticking out, either. Press the like button when you know or LIKE something or someone, don't just press it reflexively. It's not the television remote control after all.

2. I hate being pulled into group simply because someone feels I would be suitable for it without asking me if I want to join it. I don't want to be part of the admirers of PEOPLE WHO WON'T PAY FOR BREAST IMPLANTS WITH TAX $$$. Ask me first, before you include me. And don't ask me to play every single game you waste your life playing because I met you in a super market once. Seriously, let's use some common sense here. Sheesh!

3. I hate being made an administrator of something without my even knowing what the title of what I'm administrating represents. I don't know or care anything about the fiscal policy in Bali, so why would I want to be an administrator of a Bali reform group? How am I qualified, because I accepted your friend request because we both know my second cousin? I resent people controlling my life, and there is a large amount of that going on in Facebook. Manners, people, please. I get up at 4 in the morning and walk my dogs every day, and then I immediately go to Facebook and post, even before I have my coffee. The more groups I belong to, the more posts I have to add. Only include me in a group if it means something.

4. Let's make Facebook less competitive. It's like a marathon now, who could outshine everybody else. Who can put out better pictures, who can get the most likes and comments. It's a SOCIAL NETWORK, not a popularity contest. Let's skip the high school drama. I just want to say hello to my best friend from high school I haven't seen in 30 years, see how they are doing, how their family is. I don't want to go back in time and pass notes in gym class telling everyone she should be prom queen because she's the coolest or because she's my friend.

5. If you post too much and too often, in a group then you are accused of taking up the whole wall. Well what's the wall there for, to be posted on, right? That's why it's a wall, so you can write on it. If not, then give everyone one chance to make a comment until all others post. Put up or shut up is what I say. Save the political correctness, for your “Save the Spider Monkey Bedbug in Kirjakhistan” meetings. Seriously.
Lets face it the spin-off to this is that I am addicted. Hey you do meet some real nice people on Facebook, it has its merits, that's why I like it, I just think it could use some improvement, and mostly, people could behave better on Facebook. Some people smile in your face and are nice in posts to you and then stab you in the back. Everyone wants to be popular, but in the process, you step on toes and make enemies out of so-called friends. Why can't we just go on Facebook, play nice and enjoy each other. Post jokes, laugh, interact, and simply AVOID things we don't like instead of making fun of them, cussing at them and knocking them down. On second thought, Mr. Zuckerberg, you don't need to overhaul Facebook, you just need to teach people how to behave.

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Your Protege, John..... said...

Miriam, you are so correct with your assessment of Facebook and many Faceook users,,, I am now contemplating(not because of your opinions)leaving this ridiculous so called social network....Oh, I haven't had any real problems yet....But the way the Facebook management ismanipulating its members bothers me . Entirely too much control is being introduced on their least it mskes me uncomfortable.....John Burkard.....