Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How Cats Can Steal Your Heart, Even WHEN They Destroy Your Home...

By Miriam B. Medina

Cats can drive you nuts, love them or not. I mean, who can't love a kitten? They're furry. They're cute. They're adorable little balls of fluff that play with twine and look oh so innocent and precious as they purr while they sleep. Then they get bigger. Then they become full grown cats.

Then they grow up and dissect your stack of bills on your desk before you have a chance to pay them or even look at them. All because you ignored them when you walked through the door or slighted them for your pet dog.

You simply rub your cat the wrong way and you can spend hours trying to piece your life, your home, and even body parts back together.

“Let's see, was that $75 to the electric company and $4459 for cable or what? That can't be right, but I can't tell, because my desk top looks like a jig saw puzzle. The cat went nuts, destroyed all my paperwork, turned my slippers into a claw sharpener, and even knocked Grandpa's ashes off of the hearth.... Sheesh, I remember when he was just a cute little kitten that curled up in the palm of my hand!”

The next thing you know your cable is paid for 3 years and you have free bonus movies on pay per view but you can't watch them because the power has been cut off.


Cats are the teenagers of pets. They're moody, sometimes hard to understand, and they can cause a whole lot of trouble if they go unsupervised or don't get enough attention for too long a period of time, but talk to a cat person, a TRUE cat lover, and you'll see that many people love cats for the very same free spirit that leads you to a closet full of slippers that are chewed and sliced to ribbons. Just like teenagers, they can be lovable and entertaining too.

See, cats are very unique. They're very independent and full of personality. That's exactly why they're so entertaining and why they can make such great pets, if they get the attention and care that they deserve. The thing is, cats want attention on their own time frame, when and where they want it. Give them attention at the wrong time, and mark my words, you'll pay.

That's the trick to enjoying cats as pets. You have to learn and understand them for the unique individuals that they are. One cat might spend hours chasing the ball of yarn, making you laugh, while another may simply, yawn, lick it's paw, turn its tail up in the air and strut away from you. The fun part is spending the time with them to figure them out, to enjoy their company and to let them grow.

Then, before you know it, your cat will curl up in your lap night after night, nice and peaceful, because you've grown to accept and understand each other. Just like a teenager or a child, they're a member of your family, one that needs love and understanding. They just also happen to be fun to play with, even if they get carried away and become a furry paper shredder that shreds things that you want to remain intact.

But then, that's the beauty of cats, and pets in general, you never know what you're getting, because they're all different in their own wonderful way!

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