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From Modesty To Bare Nothings: Ditching the Undies Revolution Part 1(b)

By Miriam B. Medina
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Modest women over the centuries have evoked man's respect, yet today women have managed to do very well for themselves without giving a hoot what men think about them or the way they dress. However, immodest dressing may have its negative consequences because it can be distracting. Provocative clothing not only distracts but also puts an incredible amount of pressure on teenagers to keep their weight down unnaturally, through anorexia and bulimia, so they can see themselves in that sexy bikini, G-string or thong. These seductive garments only encourage further indecent behaviors such as "butt grabbing" which can lead to other forms of sexual abuse. Immodesty has encouraged extra-marital affairs and promiscuous sex as men are visually sexually stimulated. Indecent dressing not only creates an erotic impact, but it can also stimulate a man's sexual desire to the point that they will commit rape. Just seeing busty cleavage or a figure hugging piece of clothing or underwear lines through a pair of tight-fitting jeans can sexually arouse any man, which doesn't seem to take long.

So now I'm wondering, when did modesty become so shameless? Remembering that idea, let's take a backwards glance at the history of lingerie as it has emerged over the last few centuries, evolving inevitably "From modesty towards bare nothings" into what it is today, "Ditching the Undies Revolution."

Before going into this vast subject matter, I want to direct attention to the fact that, although I am a researcher and a historian who always has her head buried in books, I do detach myself sometimes to observe and make note of current issues that are reflected in the today's world. However, as a modern philosophically mature woman, I assure you that I do feel comfortable discussing just about anything, and I do mean anything, whether or not I agree. Therefore, during this study I may have to take a bold approach in describing parts of the body and the use of certain underwear items.

Aside from trying to understand the complexity of people's thoughts and actions in modern America, there is still a part of me that yearns for the past, a nostalgic desire for what once existed. Maybe for this reason I am fascinated by and drawn to the Victorian Era, with its pervasive influence and coexistence with the Modern World. People who lived during this time experienced a life quite different from that of today. It was a remarkable era of romance, inhibitions, etiquette, modesty and feminism of dress. In part 2 we examine the beginnings of women's underwear in an era of sexual repression, examining the passion killer underwear that existed at the time, which will get you up to speed for parts 3 and 4 that examine the evolution of underwear into the sexy accoutrement it is today.

History is Miriam B. Medina's passion. History can be exciting, sexy, informative and humorous, and Miriam wants you to experience the wonders of history, not just READ about it. She loves nothing more than sharing that passion and her 13 years of research with everyone. So sit back, enjoy the ride and LEARN. For fashion pictures, articles and you-tube viewings of fashion shows from the 19th century through the 21st century, please visit: FASHION CENTER
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to be continued: See Part 2 (a)

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