Friday, April 8, 2011

Italian Harlem: Angela's Passion

Angela Bella Puco

Angela Bella Puco is a very special and hard working woman. Although she is a mother of 3 young children, she still has managed to find time in her whirlwind of madness to create 4 wonderful websites that are rich with family as well as the old neighborhood history. I would like to use Angela's own words to explain her vision and her passion for Italian Harlem.

"I'll have to admit that I spent many a late night, and many a late morning working on this passion of mine. Sometimes the laundry didn't get done on time, and I missed beautiful days outdoors, but it was all worth it for me. I never tire of it. I enjoy family history research, photographic preservation and restoration-anything connected to photography. I have a large collection of out of print books related to immigration history and urban development. Many books, if not all, on East Harlem as well as a large ephemera collection. I gave Chris Bell a half dozen photos of me and my family to put in his latest photo book about East Harlem. I am trying to organize my thoughts so that I can write my own book on the Italians of East Harlem.

The current project that I am working on is a podcast format. I just have to figure out exactly how I am going to do this. I would love to have a "radio hour" of sorts, whereby I converse with a person who once lived in the old neighborhood. I can add background music, and a theme of the day-type of approach. The first person that I am going to interview is my dad, of course! He is 87 yrs young and his mind is chock-full of memories of his youthful days in East Harlem. "

"I'm babbling...I could go on and on about this subject." SEE WHAT I MEAN? HER ENERGY IS UNBELIEVABLE.

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