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A Little Taste of History (13)

Topic: Family Record of the Rapelje

The ship New Netherland, which brought to the New World the first colony of families, arrived at the bay of the Hudson river in the year 1623. The Colonists commenced at once to erect cabins for their temporary accommodation on the southerly point of Manhattan island, their cattle being turned out upon the island in the harbor now known as Governor's Island. Among these colonists were Joris Jansen de Rapelje, and the young woman who was then, or soon after became, his wife, a young couple, whose first child was born in June, 1625. This child is alluded to in the public records, at a period when she had herself become a mother, and a favor was granted her of a public nature, one of the inducements to which was that she was "the first-born Christian daughter" in the colony of New Netherlands.

The Names and Family Register of the Children of George Jansen De Rappelje, and Cataline, his Wife.

1625, the 9th of June, is born the first daughter of George Jansen de Rapelje, named SARA.
1627, the 11th of March, is born the second daughter, named MARRATIS.
1629, the 18th of August, is born the third daughter, named JANNETIE.
1635, the 5th of July, is born the fourth daughter, named JUDICK.
1637, the 28th of August, is born the first son, named JAN.
1639, the 28th of May, is born the second son, named JACOB.
1641, the 28th of March, is born the fifth daughter, named CATALYNA.
1643, the 27th of June, is born the third son, named JERONIMUS.
1646, the 8th of February, is born the sixth daughter, named ANNETIE.
1648, the 28th of March, is born the seventh daughter, named ELIZABETH.
1650, the 29th of December, is born the fourth son, named DANIEL.
SARA married with Hans Hanse Bergen, and her second husband Teunis Gisbert Bogart.
MARRETIE with Machiel Vandervoort.
JANNETIE with Rem Remse Vanderbeeck.
JUDICK with Pieter Van Niest.
JAN with Maria, but died without heirs.
CATALYNA with Jeremias Westerhout, died without heirs.
JERONIMUS with Annetie, daughter of Teunis Denise.
ANNETIE with Marta Ryerse.
ELISEBET with Dirrick Hogalant.
Daniel De Rappelje with Sara Klock.
JUDICK met Pieter Van Niest. (15)

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