Monday, November 22, 2010

New York, New York-Undeniably One Helluva Town! (3)

By Miriam B. Medina

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If one wishes to obtain entertainment, there is always something to do.

It is home to an awesome collection of large and small museums, primarily devoted to the arts and natural history. For example, because the Metropolitan Museum of Art is so widespread and visual, one should plan to spend a whole day there. As for burning off some of that accumulated energy pent up from your work week or satisfying your taste buds, there are plenty of bars, dance clubs and restaurants one can go to at all hours of the day and night. New York, New York is "A City that Never Sleeps." It is a place where history and the present diverge. Historians and experienced lecturers of leading walking tours take local residents and visitors alike along on exciting and unforgettable strolls through the Big Apple's ethnic neighborhoods, places of history, tradition and craftsmanship, creating lasting memories of an astonishing past.

Speaking about unforgettable memories; this reminds me of my visit several years ago to Manhattan's theater district, which is the most famous theater district in the world. I went to attend a matinee of "Hairspray". Seeing that I had arrived too early, I decided to take a walk through the district to familiarize myself once again with everything. There were the usual starry-eyed young aspiring actors, dancers and singers, portfolio in hand, swarming the area hastening to attend auditions in hopes of securing fame and fortune. The transportation situation remained unchanged. Cars continued to force their way through the streets aggressively, without giving any thought to pedestrians or other vehicles. I wanted desperately to cross the avenue, but with the congestion of traffic and chaos of horns honking, brakes screeching, hostile pedestrians screaming and waving their fists only added to my state of confusion. After living several years in the suburbs of New Jersey, unaccustomed to this never ending hustle and bustle of people and vehicles, I decided to return to the theater to wait in line. Suddenly from out of nowhere, a strong singing voice accompanied by musical instruments penetrated the air. How exciting, a free presentation was being given by striking amateur sidewalk entertainers, displaying their musical talents for meager donations. Once inside the theater, my attention was riveted to the stage throughout the entire performance of "Hairspray" as I absorbed the elements of music, drama, and dance, working together as a whole in artistic creativity. This first viewing of a live Broadway musical became a memorable experience for me. There were so many people, I assumed that all the other on and off Broadway theaters were discharging at the same time. Like a swarm of bees, the famished theater-goers, including yours truly, rushed about here, there, everywhere, in search of the nearest restaurant. Satisfied with my steaming cup of coffee, delicious hamburger with onions and a portion of New York cheesecake, I reluctantly returned to New Jersey, promising myself to another exciting trip to my hometown.

All this and much more continue to add to the colorful, exciting atmosphere of the Big Apple. So if, one asks me if I am pleased to have been a New Yorker? With pride, I would answer: "You Betcha!" Undeniably, "It's one helluva town."

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