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A Little Taste Of History (6)

First Rank Hotels In NYC Prior to 1916

THE VANDERBILT HOTEL: Madison avenue. and 14th street. (R. Single with B. $3. Double with B. $5. Suite $12) (Warren and Wetmore, architects). The house is built in 18th century style of architecture and is designed and furnished in excellent taste. It offers special facilities for automobile parties, dressing rooms on Mezzanine Floor, garage for guests' cars, touring cars rented by the week, day, or hour, special suite for private entertainments. In the Lounge is a Relief Frieze sculptured by Beatrice Astor Chandler.

THE WALDORF-ASTORIA: 5th avenue. and 34th Street. (R. Single $3. With B. $4. Double $4. With B. $5. Suite $10.)Between 33d and 34th sts., W. side, rises the Waldorf-Astoria, built of red brick and sandstone in a German Renaissance style . This was formerly the most magnificent of the New York hotels, but it is now surpassed in taste by newer ones. The Waldorf section of the building on 33d st., erected in 1893 by the Hon. William Waldorf Astor, occupies the site of the town house of his father, the late John Jacob Astor; while the 34th st. section, known as the Astor, erected in 1897 by Col. John Jacob Astor, occupies the site of the town house of his father, William B. Astor. The buildings were designed by Henry J. Hardenbergh, under the supervision of George C. Boldt, the first proprietor and lessee of both.

THE BILTMORE: 43rd street. and Vanderbilt avenue. Close by Grand Central Terminal, subway entrance to station. (R. Single $2.50. With B. $3.50. Double $4. With B. $5. Suites $10.) one of the new so-called " Terminal Buildings" at 43rd and Madison ave., entrance on Vanderbilt ave. (Warren and Wetmore, architects) is the newest and perhaps most beautiful of New York hotels. The style is modernized Italian Renaissance, and the material granite, limestone, terra-cotta and brick. The hotel is brought into harmony with the other buildings of the group by being recessed, on the Vanderbilt ave. side above the 6th story, in a court which divides the upper portion of the building into two towers. The court forms a charming garden with pergolas and growing flowers. Tea is served here. The interior is decorated and furnished in excellent taste by W.& J. Sloane.

HOTEL ASTOR: Broadway and 44th st. (R. Single $2.50. With B. $3.50. Double $3.50. With B. $4.50. Suites $10.) Between 44th and 45th sts., on the W. side, is the Hotel Astor, erected by Wm. Waldorf, Astor, one of the largest and most elaborate hotels, especially used for conventions, balls and social affairs. It is a French Renaissance structure, o£ red brick and limestone, with a mansard of green slate and copper (Clinton and Russell, architects). Source for all of the above (8)

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