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A Little Taste Of History (10)

Happenings During the 1900s In NYC #1

The Brooklyn Bridge Rescue Mission
121 Fulton Street
"Rev. Perry N. Cedarholm, Superintendent

On Thursday evening, march 29, 1928, The Brooklyn Bridge Rescue Mission was opened to the public. With a large electric cross on the exterior of the building to point and light the way, this Mission for over three years has held nightly meetings, has given food, clothing and night's lodgings, etc., to hundreds of individuals who were friendless, homeless and penniless, and through spiritual aid has helped many back to hope, belief and a revived faith in Christ and His teachings.

Hudson Avenue Boys' Club
377 Hudson Avenue
Mr. L.C. Bruce, Director
This work was organized in 1927 and is the outgrowth of a work of long standing conducted in this building for the Colored People of this immediate neighborhood. it is one of the most needy fields in Brooklyn and the results of the program for colored boys is already being felt.

Brownsville Community Center
Late in 1930 a community program in this section was begun. The first six months' activities were conducted in the First Baptist and St. Paul Baptist Churches, the clubs being held in the former and the Week-day and one department of the Daily Vacation Bible School, in the latter. But the work increased so rapidly that it was necessary to find quarters which would be open to the community every day, all day. In May the work was moved to 187 Osborn Street. (12)

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